Social Threefolding and Economy

So if you put a gun to my head and asked me to give you an elevator pitch for Social Threefolding I’d say: It’ll help individuals realise their creative freedom by allowing them to put their skills to work right where they are, knowing that they’re supported by a community that values freedom, and support each other through skillsharing with a firm basis in community-supported agriculture, and local exchange currency systems. That’s how easy social threefolding can be.

On death and reincarnation

Regardless whether we believe in a life after death or not, and regardless of we might interpret such a belief depending on what motivates such a belief, most of us agree that death comes to every one of us, and that it at least introduces a change of circumstances. When my son asks what happensContinue reading “On death and reincarnation”

Anthropocentrism vs. cosmocentrism

I think it’s unavoidable to have an anthropocentric view of the world. If we could have another view of the world, we either wouldn’t be human, or we would’ve made it human. People who devote themselves to nature tend to anthropomorphise it, and beauty is no objective factor of nature, it is something we seeContinue reading “Anthropocentrism vs. cosmocentrism”

Moral Intuitions in the Modern World

Anthroposophy as a concept has nothing to do with the anthroposophical movement as such. It has to do with a methodology that anyone can develop, and as such we don’t really need to stick to authorities on anthroposophy to understand it. As a matter of fact, there can be no such thing as an authorityContinue reading “Moral Intuitions in the Modern World”

Some remarks on the Technique of Similarity and Difference in Imaginative Knowledge

It is important to remember that when we speak of supersensible experiences, it really just relates to anything that transcends the realm of our five classical senses. In anthroposophical methodology these are usually thinking, feeling, and willing. What is important is that the way we think about these kinds of experiences must be akin toContinue reading “Some remarks on the Technique of Similarity and Difference in Imaginative Knowledge”

Return – Threefolding – Art (Part I)

Return I haven’t written for a long time. I’ve thought about how to present anthroposophy on my blog, and still speak from a place of authenticity. People who have been reading my blog might have noticed that I put emphasis on trying to understand anthroposophy from a methodological perspective, and this has kept me fromContinue reading “Return – Threefolding – Art (Part I)”